The Movie Man, Cocaine, and LBJ Starring as Himself?

3 09 2008

I’d like to start this off with a R.I.P. for Don LaFontaine.  Don’t know him?  Ya, you do.  You know…. the movie announcer who has done the voice over for pretty much every movie ever made.  “In a world…. ” Ya, THAT guy.  He has brought me lots of enjoyment as i listened, riveted, to all of his voice overs.  Here’s to a supremely talented man who will sorely be missed. 

On to celebrities and cocaine.  Recently in GQ magazine, British actress Helen Mirren is quoted as saying that she “loved cocaine” and dabbled with weed, but stopped after she learned that Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, was a Nazi war criminal on the lam in South Africa in the 80’s.  What a dumbass!  I’m not commenting on her acting talent, but i’m sayin you have to be pretty freakin stupid to think that somebody isn’t getting rich off the drug trade. And it’s probably not the United Way or the Red Cross.  I understand how super waspy, privileged white chicks are fairly oblivious to the world around them (not all, but that’s kind of a true stereotype), but in recent memory this takes the cake.  But hey, at least she did the right thing after she found out right?

Did you know that Lebron James is about to be the subject of a documentary?  “He will be at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend for the debut of “More Than A Game,” a documentary chronicling his rise to stardom and how he and four childhood friends overcame long odds to win a national championship in high school.”  It starts with him playing AAU games while attending, and playing ball for SVSM, then ends at his graduation from high school.  Check out the article here

p.s. it’s comin people…..

It's comin people... Friday Oct. 3rd

Ebony & Ivory: Friday, October 3rd




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