East L.A. Says No Way! We Won’t Stay!

30 09 2008

So I just checked this out online….

Sometime in the next two years, Los Angeles voters will be choosing to make (or not make) East L.A. its own municipality.  As it stands now, East L.A. birthplace of the low rider and Oscar de La Hoya.  It was the focus of the Chicano civil rights movement from the 60’s and 70’s.  It is arguably called, “the epicenter of Latino culture.”  It is home to 130,000 ppl, in a 7.4sq mi area, populated by 96% Hispanics.  That kind of homogenization even tops Beachwood, OH.  Wow!

So the debate has begun with some wanting the Chicano population to have their own say over city services, which get placed to the back burner because East L.A. is actually an unincorporated section of Los Angeles County.  Some say it’s fine how it is and they should just take a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.  So studies are going on and people are campaigning… We’ll see what happens.  Check the story here.  If you’re down with the struggle, click here to check out Cityhood for East L.A.   Fuck the bailout plan, I’d rather see the people get what they want for a chance.


Myspace Goldrush Tour Recap……

27 09 2008

This tour stop featured Santogold, A-Trak, Trouble Andrew, and Low vs. Diamond.  All great acts, all great ppl, had a blast.  It’s crazy how my roommate and I create energy and fun.  We take something sweet and make it incredible.  Here’s how it went down….

So Trouble Andrew we knew from the show he did at Liquid while the Dew Tour was in town.  So when he got into town we ran back backstage to kick it and catch up.  We had a a pre/party at our apt, just gettin after it (typical), getting psyched up for the show.  So we head to HOB and of course I’m already breakin all the rules (i.e. camera, flask, etc).  Shots were flowin as Low vs. Diamond were finishing up their set.  LVD is a band on the come up just recently appearing on Leno and Letterman.  They also had a song on ‘One Tree Hill,’ and Myspace has taken to them fairly kindly.  The guys are a great bunch of dudes, they even brought one of the band members’ little brother on tour (him and my roomie were like 2 kids in a candy store).  Get a lot of references to the Killers.  Check them out on Myspace, you’ll like what you see.

So we went back into the crowd to see Trouble Andrew get down.  Set was dope, they sounded so much better than at liquid.  I think it was just more amps and a better sound board.  I tried to find a lighter for one of the band members and walked from backstage to ask a security guard.  This chick was so all about HOB it made me sick.  I ask for a light, she says, “Where’s your pass?” I’m thinkin I just came out from backstage lady, take a chill pill.  I said that I was hangin with one of the bands and they didn’t have passes to give me, they just walked in.  So she suggested I wait.  I wasn’t having it.  So I just turn around and walk back to backstage, and the lady runs back to yell at me.  She said “Don’t you walk away from me!”  My mom would be angry that someone would be yellin at her son like that.  I only need one mother.  So I say fine, at this point A-Trak is on the tables and i’m feelin his set, but now I have this security drama to deal with. 

I say fine, I’ll just walk back out into the main concert hall.  So I’m just wandering around and figure I might as well bring the band some drinks.  All HOB gave them was a case of beer.  So I run home and pick up a couple bottles of liquor, then proceed to get walked in the loading area into backstage.  Jesse and Kristin are tearin it up w/ the band.  At this point i’m pretty tanked, but the party has to keep rollin u know?  I go back to the main concert hall and I’m stopped by security.  “Sir, can you stand here for a second?  I can’t let you leave before I get my manager over here.”  I’m like wtf?  Is this about that crazy lady security guard?  She put an APB on me and described me, saying I was illegally backstage, etc.  So figure i’ll play along and waited for the mgr.  2 showed up actually and it couldn’t have worked out better.  The one guy said, “ya, he’s with the band, he’s ok” and the other mgr walked me to the box office to get me some backstage passes.  Kudos.  Then she’s like, “ur Marcus right?” I remembered her for solving some earlier HOB problems I had in the past.  Totally cool. 

So I go backstage again, and I think Santogold might be on at this point, I’m so drunk I have no idea what my name is.  So after a while, we all get kicked out of backstage by Santogold’s tour manager (and he was so nice to us earlier).  I’m sure I had something to do with his decision to kick us out.  So the show ends and I take a couple ppl back to my house and we’re just dancing in the living room.  Great success…

All of a sudden, I wake up sitting upright on my couch with the lights off, and it’s only 12:45am.  I get my drunken bearings and shoot a call to my dudes.  They are at Mercury and I managed to get back in the game and meet up with my roomie and the band and we start all over again.  I have no recollection of being at Mercury (also typical), we went back to the house, and kicked it till 4am.  So this story has lots of facets, lots of ins and outs. 

Check the photo recap on my myspace page…. here’s a taste of what’s to come….

New Developments

21 09 2008

So, as most of you know by now, DJ AM and Travis Barker were involved in a near fatal Learjet crash shortly after midnight on Friday night.  It has been reported that Travis’ assistant and bodyguard, along with the two pilots lost their lives.  AM and Barker apparently were spotted putting out each other’s flames after impact and were rushed to a Georgia burn unit.  AM has extensive burns to his face, while Barker seems to be injured below the waist.  According to this story, AM was conscious enough to call his mother from the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  So from that positive note, i’m hoping they might be pulling through from this.  Speedy recovery to these two guys!

Case File #0616-2

20 09 2008

Crime: Bein an idiot, making educated Black people the world over hate him for his tactless, self promotion and carelessness or a possible genius, watering the word down by saturation…. not sure which right now, stay tuned


Are you fucking serious?

Are you fucking serious?


Verdict: To be determined after Nas’ new album, ‘Nigger’ comes out

Google Phone Is Totally Here

20 09 2008

Hey all you Google Fiends, guess what’s prob. going to be unveiled on Tuesday from T-Mobile?  Check out all the info here.

DJ AM and Travis Barker: Get Well Soon

20 09 2008

Just last night I guess, a Learjet carrying Travis Barker, DJ AM, and a few other people crashed just outside of Columbia, SC.  4 people died, Barker and AM were the only survivors, but are in critical condition and being treated for severe burns at a burn center in Augusta, GA.  Check out the article and pics here.  My prayers go out to those guys and their families.  They are probably the two best in the game, so the music community would sadly miss them.  Get well soon guys!

Case File #0616-1

18 09 2008

Crime: Public intox, poor coordination, sweating like a whore in church, and being an overall nuisance



Verdict: Guilty